La Marseillaise

National Anthem
First published in 1792
Words by the French army officer Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle

First verse:
Allons enfants de la Patrie, / Le jour de gloire est arrivé ! / Contre nous de la tyrannie / L'étendard sanglant est levé, (bis) / Entendez-vous dans les campagnes / Mugir ces féroces soldats ? / Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras / Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes !


La Marseillaise guitar tab and notes (pdf)

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La Marseillaise instrumental guitar (mp3)

La Marseillaise - guitar tab and notes

"La Marseillaise" is the National anthem of France. The words and music were written by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1792, during the French Revolution. The song originally titled "Chant de guerre pour l'armée du Rhin" and soon to be known as "La Marseillaise" (the name was formed after the city name Marseille, volunteers had brought the song from the city to Paris in 1972) accepted as the national anthem of France in 1795.

The music transcriptions of the song with tabs and notes are available for download as PDFs. It's free for personal use only.

La Marseillaise (full accompaniment)

"La Marseillaise" for guitar with full accompaniment. Free download in pdf-file and audio.

La Marseillaise guitar accompaniment

La Marseillaise for flute

"La Marseillaise" for flute in the key of C. Free download in pdf-file and audio.

La Marseillaise flute

La Marseillaise (only melody)

"La Marseillaise" tablature notation for guitar.

La Marseillaise notes and tabs

Tips on how to learn this song

This is a relatively difficult song. There are many bars, which are quite variated and to that can be added a rather fast tempo. To notice is that the melody in the tab is played in open position and the whole song only involve open strings and frets 1-4. Since the tempo is rather high, effective fingerings are crucial.

Key, time, tuning and tempo

Information about "La Marseillaise" considering musical key, time signature, tuning and bpm.

Key signature music symbol


The main presented version of La Marseillaise is played in the key of G.

Time signature music symbol

Time signature

The song is played in 4/4 tempo.

Tuning overview


The song is normally played in standard tuning (EADGBE).

BPM symbol and numbers

Tempo (BPM)

The tempo in beats per minute is 130 for the presented version.

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